Mood Board: Summer Tan

Happy Sunday everyone!

When I was younger I used to be obsessed with! Polyvore is a community powered social commerce website. Where members are allowed to select items of their choice to create collages, in which they call “sets.” Active members on Polyvore usually exist in the areas of fashion, interior design and artistic expression. A while back I used to always make hundreds of sets of vision boards, and create different outfits that I could potentially see myself in one day. Making sets was almost like a hobby of mine back in the day…however as we all know some things come to an end. I stopped making polyvore sets out of the random one day, and now I have found my interest in making them again! Every now and then I will post mood boards (Inspiration boards) of outfits and certain styles that I am interested in at the moment, as I used to love doing a while back.

P.S. This mood board was inspired by a fashionista that I follow on instagram by the name of: @Evolelizabeth, Go check her out!





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