Mood Board: Neutrals

For those who know me really well, know that  I have a new found love for Neutral colors. I love to wear neutral colors, such as: beige, ivory, black, gray, whites…etc. Although I enjoy wearing these colors, my closest friends always tell me to remember to wear other colors that are a lot more vibrant as well. So, this summer I have been working on that and have been wearing more bright colors that are “happier.” Its so crazy how my cousin was worried about me at one point, saying that I wear really cute clothes but she was worried because they would always be so dark. She really thought that I was becoming depressed or something lol…I had to reassure her that that had not been the case. I just enjoy wearing neutrals. My friends also think its like pulling teeth to encourage me to get other colors on my toes and nails, during our nail dates other than nudes. Sorry, I just like to stick to my basics but here and there I do venture out, and I can’t lie they come out pretty cute when I do listen to them 🙂

Anyways here is a Neutral mood board…





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