Weekend Chronicles 

Hello everyone, I’ve been meaning to post a blog entry for a few days now but time has some how ran away from me. Anyways, this past weekend was very eventful and fun, it was a great way to conclude my summer break at home before going back to Hampton University, where I attend college. 

Friday night, I went to the Arlington County fair with my family, I enjoyed the quality time that I spent with them there. It’s always a good thing to spend time with loved ones…❤️  I usually go Friday, Saturday and Sunday but this year I was only able to make on Friday night due to other commitments. 

Saturday morning, my mom, brother and I went to do a little bit more school shopping. We went to Pentagon City, which is a local mall. While I was there I bought a few things from P.I.N.K. that I needed to take back to school. When I was done shopping there, and proceeded to the next store I noticed a “Pop-Up Shop” that was sponsored by Refinery29 & Simon. It was a fashion Pop-Up shop with different brands of fashionable clothing items, called Style Festival. As we all should know, I love fashion so you know I had to stop by and see what was going on! I recieved a pass with a lanyard attached to it, to visit all the different stands and mini boutiques. An upcoming artist called Lionbabe also performed, I loved her unique vibes music. She reminds me of Erykah Badu in a way, you all should go check her out! Her Instagram: @LIONBABE and she’s on YouTube as well. Go check her out!  

Saturday night, I joined my friend Raichele from HU and some of her friends to celebrate her 19th birthday at this club in DC, called Ultra Bar. I had an amazing time, and I want to go back again some day. I wore a black long sleeve romper from Forever 21, a clutch from F21 and my blush colored Vince Camuto strapped heels.  I’m here to tell you, they are well worth the investment and are super cute and so comfortable to hit the dance floor with! Anyways, I had a great time and S/O to my friend Raichele for turning 19!  


  Last but not least, then I’ll be done talking for the night lol…I just can’t leave this out! Sunday evening I went to the J. Cole concert with my friends! Amazing show, I would go to another one of his concerts! I had a great time and he has such an interesting mentality to me, beyond just his music but the way he thinks In general. Anyways, if you ever get the chance to go see him in concert, by all means do so!  




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