Hi, my name is Kristian but better known as “Muffin.” You’re probably wondering where my cute nickname comes from, but that will be revealed later. LOL.  I am a college student who lives quite a girly lifestyle through fashion, beauty and curly hair. I have always wanted to create a special little place, where I can be creative and express all of my interests. Therefore, I have decided to create this blog. Also feel free to add any feedback. 

Hope you enjoy it, and thanks for stopping by!




One thought on “About

  1. Hi and thanks for getting in touch,

    From my post you’ll have gathered, I’m looking for a blogger to write about some of my products.

    Down At The River is a family friendly life style brand based in the United Kingdom. We produce hand made home decor and accessories, inspired by the magic of childhood for the enjoyment of the whole family.

    Earlier this week our online store downattheriver.com launched with a small line from our range of prints. We’re looking for a blogger, with a passion for styling to talk about these.

    You’ll find them on our website http://www.downattheriver.com take a look at the line and let us know by replying to this email why you’d like to blog about them (nothing major, just a bit about you & why your interested).

    Please reply by Sunday of this week, 2nd August 2015.

    If selected we’ll send you three prints of your choice, one framed and all free of charge.

    Before mailing you your prints we ask that you mention us using all of your social media platforms. Something of your choice that sign posts Down At The River to your followers whilst mentioning you’ve been chosen to blog about our products.

    Once the prints are received at your end, we’d like to hear what you think of them by way of a blog. Initially, we ask you email the blog content to us before we agree to making it live (with a snap of the framed print in its new home 🙂

    In turn not only do you get lovely goodies to keep we’ll of course promote you & your blog via our social media pages & our website which (if interested) may lead to a more permanent blog feature in the future (more free goodies, yay!)

    We’re really excited about collaborating with a super, fab blogger and look forward to future opportunities.

    So, if you’re game I’m really excited to hear from you.



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